Smart Noise Cancelling Headset

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Army Green
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Ensure your ears are kept safe when hunting or shooting this fall. The Smart Noise Cancelling Headset amplify range commands and normal conversations using patented technology. Whilst blocking fire arm shot sounds to protect your ears.

How it works

The Noise Cancelling Headset is an easy solution to the shooting enthusiast. Simply place them over your ears and the noise technology will begin. The microphone will amplify ambient sounds so that you can hear all range commands and conversations.Yet when guns start firing it will 100% block the sound. Protecting your health. 

    Features & Benefits:

    ✅Noise Blocking Technology  providing 100% ear protection 

    ✅Long Lasting Battery Life  never be let down when shooting

    ✅Distortion Free Amplification crisp sound quality guaranteed 

    ✅Low Profile Ear Cup  ensuring enough room for your firearm butt

    ✅Adjustable Head Strap  comfortable fit for all sized heads

    ✅Audio Jack  doubling as a high quality headset

    ✅Compact Design  folding up for easy storage 

    ✅2 Designs  coming in both Black and Army Green


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